Florida fun stuff

I don’t always find fun stuff when I go to thrift stores, but I have fun looking. This time I found an absolutely wonderful item!

An original poodle skirt! Wool felt, glitter and all…

Poodle skirt

I’m not at all sure what I’ll do with it, but could anyone resist it?

You might notice that it is pinned up over a pile of other projects, waiting to be finished. Lots of work waiting. I always have plenty of ideas and not enough time. However, I DID get something finished while in Florida. Remember that pile of hot pink yarn?

Ta-da! It’s now a hot pink little afghan!

Hot pink knit

Mindless, boring knitting, but it is done, done, done! Where is it going? Not sure yet and don’t know if I’ll try to dye it or just let it live as hot pink but the important part is that it’s finished!

And this year I had decided that I was only going to use fabric that I made or already possessed, so I’ve been avoided the temptation of fabric stores. That rather fell by the wayside…

FL booty

I even bought a bag of scraps. Granted, they are all batiks and you can’t ever have too many batiks, but you’d think 4 big baskets of scraps would hold me back. Evidently not.

There is work to be done and I’m eager to get to it! Happy to be home in my studio.


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    • I still can walk around the piles of stuff in my studio, but that RED ALERT level is not that far away. That’s why I’m trying to use it, use it, use it!!!

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