Projects on my mind

There are several projects that keep popping up to the top of the “Finish Me First” list. My Knot Even Quilters group (AKA Wacky Quilters) has been looking at fabric manipulation.  We made this at one meeting,

KEQ fabric manip

and I completed this block, both of which I have shown you before.

Fab manip 5

I started 3 others in this same manner, just to see how the different patterns will look.

Manipulation started

They are started, but they are dropping much further down on that list. I believe they will be take along hand work for those times I am waiting somewhere.

My rainbow piece will never be a take along piece. It’s big and when I start adding embellishment to a strip, I need a huge selection of beads and “stuff” from which to choose. I never know what will be added next.

Rainbow partial

It’s getting there, but every time I look, I see where I want to add more!

rainbow detail

And the finished product is so clear in my mind that I really want it finished!

I did get one thing finished. My Creative Seasons group is celebrating their ninth year with a 9 Challenge. Our group always has such stringent rules (HA!) and the only rule on this one is that it have something to do with 9!

9 challenge

9 stacks—wool, cotton, silk, beads–everything tactile that I love!

Next on the list is a piece that I finished a while ago. I have never been happy with the way I ended up mounting it. It just looks unfinished.

Wool:storm re do

It’s all so organic that the straight square edges are just not right. And no matter which way I pulled and tweaked, it doesn’t look straight. Soooooo, I think I will take it off the stretchers and give it a little organic edge cut. Then I will mount it on another quilted piece and it will be a soft wall-hanging, not a hard-edged canvas-mounted uneven piece that makes my eyes twitch!

I want to do ALL of these things as soon as possible, but I have an actual must be done list, too! Seems like I’m always whining about too much to do and not enough time to do it, too many ideas and too many starts, not enough finishes. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with all I want to do. That’s when it’s time to step back and remind myself that it’s all supposed to be enjoyed, not stressed over. That’s when I need to relax and remember that everything gets done one step at a time and the priorities will identify themselves.

That’s a time like right now, when I’m going to make myself a cup of tea and do a little knitting!



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