Blind challenge

At our KEQ meeting today, we got to ooooh and aaaaaah over Kathy’s treasures from her trip to India and Sri Lanka. And they were so very lovely. But she’s a tricky little lady and she asked each of us if we would be interested in a blind challenge, sight unseen. And, of course, who could resist that?

She then brought out a selection of colorful scarves and had us each choose one. Oh, the agony of a quick decision! Next out were a selection of beaded dangles, several styles and colors and we selected our ‘jewels’. Finally, the hardest part of the process–embroidered and beaded trim, from which we were allowed about a foot from our selection.

KSmith challenge

My scarf–are you surprised that I picked orange?–turned out to have embroidery on it. Bonus! And the trim I selected made me catch my breath when I first saw it. This will be such a fun challenge.

The rules? Make something, using the scarf OR the color of the scarf, using the trim and jewels AND finish it. That last part is often the hardest part of it! No deadline, yet, but as soon as the first one gets done, it will inspire the finishing by everyone else…and we do have several people in the group who are both quick and finishers!

We also looked at a couple more types of fabric manipulation with which to play.

Simple stitching with a double needle.

Twin needle

I used black thread for contrast and to more clearly show how the machine makes the stitch. You more often see it done very close together for pintucking and with matching thread.

A few quick pieces of pleating, for an overview, but everyone was pretty familiar with that.


Fabric manipulation has been the topic on one of my favorite blogs lately, too. You might want to check it out for some great ideas…and then we set it on fire! There is so much info on the internet. Another great source for textile manipulation is from Sewn Up, TeresaDownUnder with an entire slate of tutorials. Awesome information!

If you are up for some texture in your fabric work, check out all these manipulation techniques!

Oh–happy National Quilting Day!


6 thoughts on “Blind challenge

  1. I got a preview of all your goodies and they are beautiful! My challenge is using some of the sari fabric scraps, the baubles (just like yours) and some lace to be picked out. Should be fun.


  2. Speaking of the color orange, it is an observation of mine that almost everything that I sell quickly has the color orange in it. Not sure why this is true but I take this into consideration more now since I made this discovery. I love the combination of your scarf and beads.


  3. What a great challenge you all are embarking on…..can’t wait to see the results! Regarding the fabric manipulation…..all I can think of as I read “And Then We Set It On Fire” this week…….”oh my, I’ve been around so long….fabric manipulation is being recycled again!!” All this was the rage when I started quilting and again about 15 years ago…..lead by British quilt author/instructor (sorry name escapes me)


    • Yep–I’m in the same age bracket, where we’re seeing things come around again and again. It’s nice, though, that all those things appeal to us visually so that we enjoy the spin through.


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