World Traveler

World traveler? Oh, not me! I simply know many people who manage to make their way around the world—

and then bring me gifts!!!!

I’m one of the luckiest people in the world, I think.

You saw the wonderful challenge materials I received from Kathy, who went to India. That was just 3 days ago.

KSmith challenge

On Saturday, my friend Janice brought me gifts from the Orient! In the traditional fashion, each item that she brought me was individually wrapped, so it was like Christmas as I opened each item.

She brought them in a beautiful paper bag.

Janice gifts 4

Janice went to the Tokyo Dome Quilt Festival. She brought me some fabric and some absolutely lovely fabric beads.

Janice gifts 3

And a beautiful silk bag from Hong Kong. She bought some for herself, too and we are looking forward to seeing what we each do with this fabric.

BUT that’s not ALL!!!

She went to the Kyoto Shibori Workshop and Museum and got both of us a packet of shibori dyed fabrics. These are so very detailed. It would have been a treat to learn how these shibori pieces are made.

Janice gifts 2

Oh–there are also beads from Taipei, Taiwan! Beads—my friends really know what I love, don’t they? Can’t wait to use these materials. I think Janice chose items that will live together in a memory piece for me.

My friends are so good to me. They allow me to enjoy the riches of the world without ever leaving my little corner of it. I am so grateful for their generosity and thoughtfulness.

Thank you so much, Kathy and Janice!


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