Desert City Sunset

Took a long look at my design wall and just dove in! Lots of work to be done and it’s not going to get done just hanging there.

My second piece in the desert city series seemed like the easiest place to start. I had already decided that it was not going to get the intense hand stitching that the first one received. I want to machine stitch and quilt first and then add more beads.

The sky was first.

Desert City Sunset 1

using variegated thread.

Desert City Sunset 2

There may be some metallic or something else textured added to it…don’t know yet.

I put a line of machine stitching along the top skyline and then I thought I would quilt a grid through the city below that skyline.

Desert City Sunset 3

A square grid, or the whole thing would never look straight! I didn’t have a totally straight line along the bottom of the city pieces, so I had to arbitrarily choose a line and work off of it. I do not like to make marks on a quilt top, especially one that won’t be washed. But on something that has to be square, you have to have something to measure against. My preference is to get a nice, straight, square line of tape for my first line and then use the edge of my presser foot after that.

Desert City Sunset 4

As long as I follow my lines as precisely as I can, I can ignore any wonkiness in the layout of the city. The grid will make it all look like a well built city and not a dilapidated shack city!

Desert City Sunset 5

It’s boring to do though, so after getting about half of it done, I’m going to take a break and work on something else for a while.

Now you can see why it takes me a while to get any one project done. I hop from piece to piece, but I’m never bored that way!


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