Hard work–UNrewarded!

Yes, sometimes even if you have worked hard on producing a piece, it’s just not right. I kind of knew it as soon as I had it quilted, but I tried fooling myself.

Desert City Sunset 2

Nope–this variegated thread and the random pattern just made me twitch every time I looked at it.

There was nothing to do but submit to the inevitable and rip it all out.

Desert City Sunset 7

And the piece is about 40″ long, so there is quite a bit to rip. Sigh!

But as every stitch comes out, I feel a bit less twitchy. It’s the right decision.

Desert City Sunset 6

And those little holes that are left? Not a problem. Spritz a little water, steam iron a bit and it will be good to go again. I think I need to try a metallic and a more repetitive pattern.

In the meantime, I’ll rip some more stitches out. Sigh…


4 thoughts on “Hard work–UNrewarded!

  1. Yes, ripping skills are as important as sewing skills. (unfortunately) I finally spent more money on a good quality seam ripper with a better grip and surgical steel blade. I have to be careful with it, but it sure makes the chore a lot faster.


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