Time for something new

ADD and ADHD were not diagnoses when I was growing up, but I might have fallen under those designations. I cannot continue today on the Desert Sunset project. I need to do something different!

However, when you have “collections” of fabrics, it’s hard to start using them. Like a collection of solids…

Solid collection

or a collection of blacks and whites…

BW collection

You just don’t want to break up that ‘collection’ because you might need the whole thing someday! So I looked at my ‘collection’ of leftover bits and pieces and came up with this configuration.

Leftover pieces 1

I just loved the way they looked together so I worked on joining them in a way that was pleasing to my eye. It helped that I have a collection of yarn scraps to add an extra little texture to it!

Yarn collection

And now the decision needs to be made–what color background will work best with this?


Leftover pieces 2

or black?

Leftover pieces 3

Seriously–I am unable to make a decision here. Maybe it’s time to take a break!


12 thoughts on “Time for something new

    • I’m being drawn to the black right this minute, but it was white earlier today and I plan on trying Regina’s suggestion of colors. The right answer will come. I just need to be patient and listen to the creative voices!


  1. I agree with Gayle. Each gives a different feel to the piece. White makes it more fresh and black makes it more dramatic. I hate to make it more complicated, but have you looked at it with a color behind it? But I do like it with the white.


    • Haven’t even thought about a color behind it because I was totally decided on either black or white. I will take a look at color. It might be the real solution that I need! Thanks for the suggestion.


  2. I can see your dilemma. They are both add another dimension to the piece. The hard part comes in what “feel” you want the piece to have. They each bring a completely different tone to it. Therefore either background will add to the piece. Eeny, meeny, miney moe!


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