Weekly Specials

Working on a small piece, with the goal of finishing at least one a week, helped me a lot with studio discipline last year. I have not continued with that so far this year and I have also not completed much yet this year. I think I can connect the dots here!

Spent time trying to make some of those small pieces, make up for lost time a bit, I guess.

I had a couple of squares that I originally had intended to bead and never got around to it. With a little slash and insert and a big border, they quickly worked up and are now ready for some beads and/or hand stitching.

Star Crossed Gray Flower

Theoretically, I could mount them as is because they look kind of finished. But to me, they are not nearly finished enough!

A little progress has been made, however, and I feel as though I am moving forward again.

Until I run up against a color decision and dither around with no clear answer!

Strip pieced and binding

Don’t have any idea which of these 3 colors I should put around the edge of this little piece! No…now that I look at the picture, I can see that the coral piece on the right is not going to work. So I’m down to two…opinions anyone?

Time to go pick out some beads and work on those other pieces while this one germinates!


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