Full studio day

Actually spent almost the whole day working in the studio. And it was a happy day, not a frustrating one!

The first thing I did was grab some scraps and start to put together a collage. Didn’t take any pictures of this, but as I played, I ended up using a totally different bunch of scraps! I ended up with this collage, which is an 8 x 10–thinking that it might be easy to pop into a frame or mount on a smaller canvas than I usually use.

Mar 28 collage

It’s done, as far as I’m concerned. No additional embroidery or beads. So I set it aside until I could get it mounted and it landed on top of a stack of canvases.

Ma28 collage turq

This canvas was never intended for this piece and vice versa, but they are perfect for each other! What a happy coicidence!

Onward! The next scaps to hand gave me this circle and some turquoise fabric.

Circle collage start

It’s good that I have so many scraps (while it’s also horrible that I have so many scraps!) because these original pieces once again did not end up in the finished collage!

Circle collage midway

This one will finish at 10 x 10, but it needs some embroidery and beads to make it sparkle and sing.

Next up was a set of sample fabrics from who knows where and I picked two that were compatible. Simple construction–a couple of curves and some skinny line inserts, a few slashes and turns and it was ready to quilt.

Mar 28 large collage

Straight lines, though they don’t look really straight in the picture! Aaaand, it’s a completely weird size! 15 x 21…nope, doesn’t fit any canvas or frame in the standard mode and I’m not sure that I want it as a free hanging. I’m also not sure that’s it done. It may need some beads and I’m thinking I’ll take the easy, lazy way out and bead through the backing. It’s so much easier than running the threads between the layers and if I mount it on a canvas it won’t matter.

Hmmm…I have canvases that are 12 x 24. Maybe I could do something weird and wrap the sides and show canvas top and bottom. Or even easier would be to use a 16 x 20 and trim the length to fit.

In any event, I got three projects well underway today and I’m looking forward to some embroidery time in front of the TV tonight. I feel like it’s been a totally productive day and I’m sitting here smiling about it! Real contentment!


9 thoughts on “Full studio day

      • Actually, I dont know. Dont want to detract from the larger piece. Maybe cut it down to fit onto your canvas… Or add on to make it fit a larger one.It iis very attractive. I used foam board for the back of a small one.covered it with fabric. Glued it onto the back. I also wrapped the pink foam insulation with fabric. If you buy a whole sheet, you will have a lot to cut and use. Dont know if it is cheaper or not, but I was able to get the size I wanted. You can cut it larger or smaller than your piece. And it does raise the quilt away from the wall. Just rolling out ideas. Hope I was able to help.


  1. Love all the collage pieces. Finding the right size canvas is always tough. But everything looks good on those painted canvas, so it is worth the effort. Good day’s work.


    • Yep, feeling really satisfied with the day. I’m a real fan of putting things on canvas. Most of the things that sell are on canvas, so it’s easy to connect the dots there!


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