Up and down

So much done yesterday…so much NOT done today!

My creativity kind of took a little break today. I pulled out a bunch of fabrics and ended up putting them all away again! Nothing spoke to me.

But at least I had the pieces I started yesterday to continue working on!

Embroidery and beads on this one and I’m pretty happy with it.

School of Angelfish

This is my School of Angelfish. Maybe not so much to you, but that’s what it’s saying to me.

Angelfish detail

The funky striped beads have been in my stash for quite a while and have always brought angelfish to my mind. Here’s a question for you though.

Should I put a title on a piece–any piece, not just this one–that expresses my view of what the abstract is saying? Or should I construct a title that is void of clues and leave the interpretation to the viewer?

What do you do?


12 thoughts on “Up and down

  1. I think leaving a piece untitled is a cowardly cop out. Do you end up with “untitled 204” at some point? I can’t remember what music goes with which of Mozart’s numbered sonatas, and I won’t try. A title doesn’t necessarily influence my view of the piece, it just helps me remember it.


  2. I always appreciate knowing what an artist was thinking when he/she created a piece. It doesn’t have to negate the message it conveys to the observer. So claim your angelfish!!!


  3. I’m catching up on all your super creations after being away for a few days….returned with a horrible cold/cough….so your inspirations are giving me something to smile about!


  4. I name my abstracts by something that they remind me of. Something always comes to mind. Many times I choose a title before I begin. This helps me in my choices of elements and color. My most successful piece I chose the name Ice Age. After that, it was easier to choose.


    • Sometimes the names come immediately and there is no wavering. You’re right–sometimes it informs the decisions made in the making. Other times…sigh!


  5. I would name them. I liked this piece before I heard the name, but after knowing how you see it, I like it a bit more. If nothing else, it may cause people to look just a little longer to make the connection between the name you give it and what they’re looking at.


  6. Personally I like to name a piece even if the meaning is only clear to me. Just think if your Mum and Dad hadn’t named you. Would that make you a nobody?🤔


    • I can’t always remember the names I give them! I’ve learned to write the names on the back, either on the canvas or on the label, in order to keep track.


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