And we’re on again…

Up days and down days and today was up again!

The first thing I did was decide on a binding for the little striped piece and then I added a bit of paint to it.

Yellow magenta stripes

I’ll add some stitch and beads to the yellow part and call it good!

Then my brain started whispering “texture…texture…texture” and it was all about wool and yarn from that point on!

I have a piece of wool that I dyed and I’ve been using it up bit by bit. I think this is about the last of it. I pulled out my bag of funky yarn scraps and started with the “sky”.

Wool yarn stitch 1

I love this yarn because of the colors. I didn’t use enough of it to get to the part where it also changes texture. I guess I will need to find another piece of wool that is calling for it so that I can play with it some more.

Wool yarn stitch2

The next section looked like it should have trees, so that’s what I did!

Wool yarn stitch 3

And the last section was obviously flowery bushes, right?

Wool yarn stitch 4

Look at that great fluffy yarn…

Wool yarn stitch 5

I gave it a good trimming and thread bound edge and will mount it on a black background.

Wool yarn stitch 6

It took quite a bit of the day to put this together, but I’m so happy. Texture ruled and I’m a very tactile artist.

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring!


12 thoughts on “And we’re on again…

    • Thanks! I’m thinking my next bit of playtime will be doing more texture on my dyed wool, with some silk thrown in for a bit of shine. It’s so much fun!


    • My favorite creativity tool is having time to play with my fabrics. It’s the colors and textures that inspire me, but I have to actually be touching them to get the juices going!


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