Sew Day with Friends

CS sew day 1

One of the members of an art quilt group to which I belong, Creative Seasons, saw pictures of the work of Suzanne Gummow of Australia. Lynn organized a sew day for those interested in creating work similar to Suzanne’s. Along the way, we remembered the marvelous work of Ann Brauer, from Massachusetts. We gathered in a great space and started planning our work.

CS sew day 13

Some took more planning than others!

It was great to be able to brainstorm different options for construction. There is never only one way to do any task! One of the best  parts of the day was seeing the designs we all came up with, starting from the same inspirations.

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Some made more progress than others, of course, but it was wonderful to share design time, thought processes and great fun with other art quilters. The next three pieces were all made by one person—we called her our over-achiever, of course!

CS sew day 18 CS sew day 17 CS sew day 16

Here are some early and later comparisons…

CS sew day 12 CS sew day 20

CS sew day 8 CS sew day 9

CS sew day 2 CS sew day 3

CS sew day 4 CS sew day 5

This one has a little 3-D butterfly

CS sew day 11

And we didn’t all stick with the straight line formula of our inspiration artists…

CS sew day 19


Such a wonderful day and so fulfilling for me personally, to be able to spend time with like minded art quilters. Hope we can do it again very soon!


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  1. Wow–I really like what you are all doing. I assume you’ll bring whatever you worked on to our next meeting, she said hopefully!


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