Sewing Day Project

These were my leftovers from the sewing day…didn’t use one bit of the bright color jelly roll and just half of the shades of blue roll.

Jelly Roll leftovers

And which project from the sewing day was mine? Well, after studying up on our inspiration artists, I opted for the easy way out and bought those jelly rolls so that the fabric selection was done FOR me. I used the shades of blue and made two identical pieces so that I could stack and cut them with a curve.

CS sew day 15

And that’s where the lessons learned began! I assembled my strips on a fusible interfacing base. I thought that would be an easy way to keep them in place while I did the sewing. First mistake of group sewing: I forgot that I would have to carry my piece over to the shared ironing surface, so of course the strips moved out of place. Second problem: ironing surface was smaller than my piece so as I moved it to get it fused to the interfacing I had to keep adjusting my strips. Third problem: Test the iron you are using before you find out that it’s hotter than hell and you melt your interfacing!

CS my project 1

All small problems, but the distorted interfacing did cause a problem when I started stitching. The top edge of this section should be straight across and square, but there was that tiny bit of distortion that carried up through the entire side of the section.

CS my project 4

Again, a small problem, because the entire piece will be trimmed up before it’s done. The stitching that I did to secure the pieces ended up being a bit excessive. After I sewed a bit, I decided that I liked it as a design element, for a bit of added texture, so I continued sewing lines over both pieces.

CS my project 6

From the beginning, I knew that I would be adding some bright contrasting color to those blues, in some way. After auditioning several colors, I ended up using red. It’s very bright and you don’t need much of it to do the job!

CS my project 5

This is where it’s at…two pieces ready to quilt. Oh, and just so you know, the decisions made to get here included trying to combine these into one larger piece, in most every configuration and solution I could imagine. I even considered making two additional pieces with the rest of the fabric from the jelly roll and turning it into a much larger piece.

No…I’m going to quilt them first and then add some red beads in the red areas and I’ll be happy with them.

Group sewing days…awesome!


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    • I’ve always preferred choosing my own fabrics for projects, but using the jelly roll was so very easy. I may have to go through my scrap baskets and actually cut and organize what I have into strips and squares…it really is a great time saver in the end!


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