As previously planned…

Found a small stack of batting squares that looked like they had been cut for a purpose.

WS 12 in batting 1

Yep! Ready to go into my Weekly Special series of 12 x 12 pieces.

I had red thread in my machine, so I grabbed the red scrap basket and started adding pieces to cover up the batting. Some raw edge, some sewn and flipped–a quick way to get a background made up.

WS 12 in batting 2

Now comes a tiny bit of a tutorial, another quick way to get that background ready to embellish and mount on the canvas. Since it doesn’t need backing, per se, because it will never show, I chose to use fusible interfacing.

Cut the piece of interfacing the exact size that you want your finished piece to be, plus seam allowance. Place it fusible side UP on the right side of your square. Pin it in a few places and sew a 1/4″ seam all the way around.

WS 12 in batting 3

Trim the edges, including clipping the corners.

WS 12 in batting 4

The next step is to pull the interfacing out and away from your square and put a slit in it.

WS 12 in batting 5

Turn your piece through the slit and push out the corners. I use a fancy tool for that called a pencil with a dull point! Now, if you are doing this with backing fabric, you can just press those corners and edges and you are good to go. However, using fusible interfacing, you need to iron veeerrry carefully.

I do the corners first-

WS 12 in batting 6

making sure to apply enough heat to set the fusible. Carefully do the same to the sides. You have an opportunity now to make any adjustments you may need. The fusible, at this point, looks totally too big, but it will fit just fine. And guess what? Even if it’s a bit stretched or big, it doesn’t matter! It’s going to be ironed down and never be seen again!

WS 12 in batting 7

Nice, finished edge and ready to embellish and mount on the canvas.

WS 12 in batting 8

Okay–quick background done, so what are we going to put on it? (And it actually took longer to explain using the fusible than it does to DO it!)

I had some leaves leftover from another project and thought I might use them.

WS 12 in batting 9

The composition was okay but this background is way too busy for so many different leaves. I tried another leaf, much lighter, already sewn to a dark background piece. It looked like a winner!

WS 12 in batting 10

I trimmed it close to the leaf and stitched it on. Ta-da!

WS 12 in batting 11

Another Weekly Special done and I have more pieces of batting and lots more scraps. I think I can use this process and empty out a few scrap baskets……………….hahahaha! I’ll never use all those scraps, but it will be fun trying!



6 thoughts on “As previously planned…

  1. Gorgeous! I love the idea of a weekly special–the quilting equivalent of journaling! And sometimes the things you just spontaneously DO, without too much planning or overthinking, turn out to be the best.


    • I started doing Weekly Specials last year and got quite a few done, though NOT 52. It is exactly like journaling and it really keeps the creativity flowing. I need to get on the ball ’cause I have not been keeping up with it this year!


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