A quilting tip

Not too much sewing happening the last couple of days…meetings and running errands took priority. However, I got a bit of quilting done on my sewing day project. I thought I would remind you of the easiest method I know for NOT marking quilt tops!

Painters tape is the absolute best way to mark straight lines, without having to make marks on the quilt top.

Marking with tape 2

Especially easy for small quilts, as you can mark all the way across. Sew along one edge, each edge, close to the tape or use the edge of your presser foot along the edge of the tape. And remember, too, that painters tape comes in many different widths, so you have a huge number of options for straight line marking without leaving a mark!

Marking with tape 1

I don’t like to sew through the tape if I can avoid it, though, so if the line of stitching needs to cross another, I put the tape down separately…or lift it up until I’m past it.

You may know all about tape already, but I wanted to put it out there again, just in case you might have forgotten how versatile it is!

Until I can get some more sewing done…

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