The red thread made me do it!

When I headed down to the studio today, I had no idea what I would be working on. I brought these two pieces down to add to the pile for mounting.

WS Fern WS Festival Flower

Added some beads and hand stitching to each and I must admit, I’m not really in love with either one of them!

I had some circles set out from the other day, trying to decide on what background fabric to use.

Beginning circles 1

Tried a lot and narrowed it down to two.

Beginning circles bkgrd

Went to a gem show and bought these beads, so that settled the issue for me!

Beads for circles

And that’s when the red thread attacked…it seemed perfect for making a grid on the background fabric and emphasizing the red on the fabric. It will help to tie in the beads, too.

Basic grid quilting WS circles laid out

I always like to have extra fabric when I make these pieces, but there is a disadvantage when I do an allover quilting design.

WS circles trimming 2 WS circles trimming

The actual size is drawn on the batting and it usually makes for a better finish if I trim that extra batting off before I finish the edge. When it’s already quilted, that just doesn’t happen. I think that darn red thread wants me to finish with a red corded edge to disguise that extra bulk!

I’m really looking forward to getting those pretty little beads on this one…and more red thread, of course!



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