Scrap pile

Started with a pile of scraps today because I wanted something in blue. The first thing I made was a simple strip set background–and I used up all seven royal blue strips that I found! Success! Probably needs some paint on it, right?

WS blue strips

The rest of the pile had a slight bit more variety, with a single strip of green, shiny Radiance thrown in.

WS scrap pile 1

I started with a single strip set and cut it into pieces, added other pieces, turned and cut and got a Weekly Special size piece.

WS scrap pile 2

But there were still pieces of fabric on the table. So back to sewing and slashing and turning and there was block 2!


WS scrap pile 4

Not much of the scrap pile left, but still too much fabric to throw away. Keep sewing…

WS scrap pile 3

And I’m not sure there is enough left in this little pile to make another one.

WS scrap pile 5

But I think that if I have three similar blocks to embellish and turn into Weekly Specials, I won’t be looking too hard to turn those scraps into yet one more block.

Of course, the scrap basket these little bits came from isn’t even close to empty, but every little bit out of the basket helps! And now I need to get out the beads and embroidery threads and add some special finishing touches to these little blocks. So much fun…



4 thoughts on “Scrap pile

    • Well…….you know how I have tons of fabrics in these colors? I have tons of beads in the same colorways, too! I won’t have to search very far to find those that go with these fabrics!


    • The sad truth is that this doesn’t even make a dent in the scrap basket. If only I could bring myself to give some of it away…I think I may need the freedom of “no-stash/no scrap guilt” so that I can enjoy making new fabric!


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