The last turquoise block….really!

Yes, I thought I was done with that pile of scraps I left you with, but nooooooooo!

WS scrap pile 5

There was enough fabric left to make at least one more block and part of the Weekly Special mission is to use up as much of the scrap pile as possible. Thus, one more block!

WS 4Turq scraps 9

I started with that wonky turquoise piece and then started adding whatever piece came to hand around the edges. You may already know how to add skinny lines on top, but I’ll tell it just in case you’ve never done it.

Take a skinny strip of fabric–it can be straight or bias, which is great for narrow flower stems! Fold it in half, wrong sides together and press. Place it on your fabric and stitch down very close to the unfolded edge.

WS 4Turq scraps 1

After stitching, simply turn the folded edge over the stitched line and press down. Topstitching with either a straight or decorative stitch then holds it in place.

Continuing on with the block building, keep adding pieces. All you need to do is find a straight line to sew along. Trim as you go to keep things neat.

WS 4Turq scraps 3

Use large or small pieces–it really doesn’t matter because you cut chunks off as you need to make straight lines to sew along.

WS 4Turq scraps 4

Continue adding chunks at random until you have made enough fabric to fit the block size you desire.

WS 4Turq scraps 6

Nothing has to be all finished and even, because you are going to trim to the size you want.

WS 4Turq scraps 7

One thing to remember is that with all those random choices, most of your edges will have bias sections. It doesn’t hurt to add some stay stitching at this point, to help prevent stretched sides.

And with that, I really, truly, totally, completely and utterly am DONE with that pile of turquoise scraps! Now I just have to decide how to embellish each of them, but that’s the most fun part!



4 thoughts on “The last turquoise block….really!

  1. Looks like you saved the best for last. I love making these wonky log cabin blocks. They are so much fun and you can get some really interesting wall hangings out of these scrap blocks.


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