Questions today…

I’m painting some canvases, getting ready to mount some of the Weekly Special pieces, and I’m wondering if it’s necessary to paint the gessoed white canvas or can I use it as is if I just want white?

WS scrap block on white

Or does that make it look unfinished?

It’s not very exciting watching paint dry, so I started looking at my 4 turquoise scrap blocks. While I’m all amped up to get more Weekly Special pieces done, I’m wondering if I should think about making a larger piece with all of these.

WS turquoise blocks

I have more fabrics that would go with these, since I currently have a huge collection of things in the blue-green family…probably enough to make a full size quilt! Or several large size wall hangings.

Maybe not a full size quilt…it is quite time consuming to make blocks like this, which is why I like doing them for the 12 x 12 Weekly Special pieces. But still, I have a lot of fabric in that color way and it’s been a while since I’ve made a full size quilt…

Yep–watching paint dry takes you down some strange paths…


10 thoughts on “Questions today…

  1. I had a different thought: what about laying striped fabric (in your colors) on the diagonal around the fabric piece? I saw some pieces that might sort of work, like I’m thinking, on They had some striped fabric in teal, white, and black – which would look cool placed on the diagonal. Of course, you could paint it that way too – the idea being to somewhat contrast with your circles, yet bring the color idea further out. Just my ponderings… usual.


    • That’s kind of what I thought. Even if I want white, I will paint it white. It’s another one of those layer things–not immediately apparent, but definitely necessary!


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