Back to business

Yep–back to the business of playing with beads and fabric! And right away I ran into decision time, which is always hard for me.

On the back of a top shelf, which I am too short to see into unless I stand on a stool, I found a chunk of ultrasuede in a lovely sage color. Of course, between my camera and my monitor, I can’t show you the true color, but believe me, it’s lovely!

Sage ultra 1

The stitching on it immediately made me think of nine patch quilts and traditional presentations. Is this the way to go for me? Not sure. Is it too cutesy? Let me show you what I’m thinking of doing.

Vintage buttons from Grandma’s button box

Sage ultra 2

Or Grandma’s jewelry box


Sage ultra 3

I certainly have enough fabric to do both, but is the whole concept too cheesy?  Love to hear your thoughts, too.

And I did make a final decision on the orientation and background color for this piece.

WS turquoise circles mounted

At least I can feel like I accomplished something!


18 thoughts on “Back to business

  1. Vintage jewelry is so appealing……often too heavy or not flat enough to sit well on a piece…..but I’m sure you’ll find a way to incorporate your treasures which will allow them to be loved all over again.


    • The jewelry usually has a tendency to lean and hang in a certain way, so I put it on and then use the direction the piece falls in as my guide. Sometimes it even works! But I think it’s a happy thing to have a way to display and see lovely jewelry that is not in fashion to wear anymore.


  2. The completed piece is beautiful! Really like it. In regards to the sage, I like the idea of putting the fabric on point. Good luck with it.


  3. Thoughts on both the sage ultra suede and the finished teal/black/white piece: regarding the sage fabric – turning it on point, so that the cream lines are diagonal might give you more of an idea of which way to go. And since I cannot seem to leave your other piece alone (LOL), I’m wondering if those beautiful beads you had pondered on, would work NOW as stand-up pieces around the outside of the whole piece? Sort of the way brass furniture tacks work to emphasize something on the furniture.


    • You have so many creative ideas! I certainly hope you are applying them to your own art as well! The URL info that comes up on the comments doesn’t work and I’d love to see what you are doing. Do you have a current website that you would like to share?

      I’m not going to use those beads you are talking about at this point. I think I need to find some solid color fabric and make a design that will better show those beads…more thoughts for the future!


      • Yeah, I’m sorry the URL doesn’t work. I started years ago to try to have a blog, but LIFE caught up with me, and I just didn’t have the time. We rescue dogs and had 7 at the beginning of 2014, and have lost 3 – one to old age, one to liver cancer and one to a brain tumor. We now have 4, two of whom are over 15 years old, and require fairly constant care – medicating, taking outside and in, etc. On top of that, my husband was diagnosed with cancer, and has been undergoing radiation and chemo – so it has just been a bit hectic around here.
        I’m an old art school major, and yes, I do try to apply my ideas to my own work. I am more of a mixed-media artist than anything else, although my fabric stash would say differently! LOL We are in the process of moving my studio to a larger room downstairs, which will be lovely. Then, I can have room for my huge stash of supplies – for painting, mixed-media work, collage, quilting, beading, etc. I don’t know if I’ll ever get around to a blog, and right now am working on some digital art, which allows me to just sit in the den with my hubby and our dogs. Maybe I can send you some photos of some of my work.
        I love ultra suede, although it has become harder to come by. And I love the color sage, which is why I was so struck with your fabric. And being a header also, I was very intrigued by trying to help you find a use for those great beads!
        Maybe I’ll get back to setting up a blog at some point – right now, I just don’t have the time for it. I’m also a writer and poet (well, some may argue with that!!! LOL), and can sit for hours composing stories, poems, and such – many of which help give me new ideas for artwork.
        I was thinking of how another person commented on the heaviness of some of the jewelry pieces – like the brooches, and thought that perhaps making small pockets for them to just SIT in, within the squares of the sage fabric, would be fun.


    • You are so right! Usually the fabric we find is something we wonder why we ever bought in the first place, but this fabric is beautiful and I’m so happy that I found it. Eager to use it!


  4. Love those brown buttons, but they look a little lonely. I’m sure you will come up with some great remix of the ideas that are brewing. GL!


  5. I keep hoping to find uses for my vintage buttons and broken pins, etc. you in spite me.
    LOVE the finished piece. Where do you sell them again, and how can I get in on it??


    • I’m happy to lead you down the path of embellishment experiments! It’s fun and satisfaction all the time!

      Selling? HA! I have a show at my home and try to use galleries. However, two of the last three galleries I’ve had pieces in closed and the third one changed focus from art to antiques. So my track record isn’t that great, but I’ll keep trying!


  6. Really like the finished piece. Reminds me of the forum in Rome, or some other ancient place. Now, come on… You know what every you use it won’t end up looking like the button or jewellery photos. You will be putting lots more detail in I think. Go with the buttons. Love their shine and colour. By the way, I’ve taken inspiration from you and started making my own quilt lets but smaller than 12″ X 12″. Thank you.


    • Oh, yes, indeed–I will be adding lots of stuff to whatever I do with the buttons and jewelry. But I have lots of ideas and starts, so it may not happen right away! But if the concept is valid, I will get around to them!

      And good for you to start making small pieces. There is a lot of instant gratification and happiness in doing that!!


    • I love that jewelry, but people don’t wear it like they used to. And I wear jeans all the time–no need for pretty pins! So I love the opportunity to use them in my art work and enjoy them all the time.


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