Bead day decisions

Several of my projects are at the point where they need beads. Sometimes I know exactly which beads will work best and other times…well, let’s just say that I enjoy reviewing every. single. bead. that. I. own.

This one was decided pretty quickly–almost! I will be using black beads, but do I want the tiny ones or the ones that are a bit larger?

WS red thread beads

It was the large bead that inspired me to do a little thread sketching for this small (5 x 7) piece.

WS Smaller bldgs beads

I’m pretty sure that I want to fill in the ‘buildings’ with the brightly colored beads in the tube. That’s one good thing about beading. If I don’t like it, it’s easy enough to remove them and try something else.

I really want to make the correct choices for this piece. I definitely feel that beads are needed, but I’m not sure about placement OR color.

WS blue bkgrd beads

I think some lines radiating out from the two main circles…multi-colored? Muted and darker? Orange? Still making decisions about this one and since it is painted fabric, it’s harder to re-do if I change my mind. If I bead through a painted area and then take it out, the little hole remains and will show. So for these type projects, I want all my decisions made before I start.

Lovely little piece of embroidered fabric that I’m using in the 5 x 7 size. I just want to pump it up with some beads.

WS smaller floral beads

I think a mix of beads that reflect the colors of the flowers will work well.

Now that I have a few beads out and ready, I have to actually get the work done. I’m hoping the weather cooperates and I can sit outside on the deck for some relaxing handwork time!

Oh, no—the grass is growing!!!! Maybe not quite so much relaxing time…sigh!


6 thoughts on “Bead day decisions

  1. I envy your stack of pieces ready for beading……it’s been awhile since I tackled a lot of beading and my fingers are itchin’ to get at some! Your choices are excellent for your projects…..


    • I seem to go in streaks–lots of beading projects and then long spells of other stuff. Or maybe it’s streaks of small, quick projects and then bigger, looooong projects. Right now it’s a case of doing the little projects in order to put off committing the time to two long term projects. Don’t know *why* I’m procrastinating, just that I am!


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