Try again…

The one piece that I was sure of was the circles with the black stitching. Black beads were going to be perfect.

WS circles with black beads

All they did was make the piece look dead and dull. There is more than enough black in this piece already. I need to find a different color of bead to add a little life to it. I’m guessing either turquoise or one of those funky greens. Sigh…

Waaaaay back in the dark recesses of my bead drawer, I found a bag of mixed blues-greens-clear size 8 beads that I used for a project. Maybe more than one project…it was a big bag. After trying any number of single colors on this piece, I decided that the mixed colors and larger size might be what I was after.

WS circles green beads

I wasn’t sure when I started, but as I went along I liked it more and more. Now that I see the picture, I’m convinced. The variety and size both give this piece some life.

And it’s a Weekly Special…the idea is to use up scraps, have something to work on all the time, to go for it, not agonize and to get it done!

It will be done tonight and the bonus is that I will be happy with it!



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