Bigger might be better

I have not done anything with these blocks since I made them, trying to use up a pile of scraps.

WS turquoise blocks

They were intended to be individual Weekly Special 12 x 12 pieces, but I believe that plan has changed. I still have a lot of fabric in a similar colorway that could be added and I think I’ll be combining these into a larger piece.

As a small piece, the jumble of prints works. As a larger piece, I think it will benefit from some less busy fabric additions.

I’m only at the thinking phase right now. My sewing time will be limited for a little while…as long as it takes me to get caught up on my yard work projects! Had some cement work done, and a couple of new doors, so there are piles of dirt and rocks to move into their new spots and painting to do. If I work real hard, I can be back to the sewing machine in a couple of days!


6 thoughts on “Bigger might be better

    • Aha–that good ol’ art principle of repetition! I never realize I’m doing something that can be categorized until someone else points it out. Can’t wait to have some time to work in the studio again, but there are some other priorities this week!


  1. Seriously… really do have a lot of scraps and have used them in such positive ways. Since I haven’t pieced very much in about 25 years….my stash of scraps is thankfully low. Though it is growing as I’ve made more patchwork in the last year than in the previous 25. You are inspiring me!


    • You would not *believe* how much I have in scraps…AND in other commercial fabric, cotton, wool and silk, AND in hand dyed fabric! More than I can possibly use in my lifetime, I think. If I give it away, or even sell it, whatever piece it is will be the exact piece I need for my next project!!! I think I need to set a goal of making a bunch of quilt tops with the cotton, even if they are not quilted for a long while!


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