Handwork project

There are 360º on a compass, so that means we could be going in any one of 360 directions, right? I’m working on so many things at once that I’m not sure which direction I’m headed!

Had some cement work done, so there is dirt and rock to be moved to new homes–that’s going to be ongoing for a few days. I just can’t shovel as much in a day as I could when I was younger. And the rest of the spring yard work…a little bit every day and it WILL get done!

And I’m always working on several sewing projects at once, and work on those depends on my mood at any given free sewing time. But I always seem to be starting a new one before I get very caught up on the old ones!

This weekend I needed a take-along hand sewing project. I had a huge pile of shreds from a fabric store that I always intended to do something with…you’ve got something like that in your studio, don’t you? I’ve also been loving pictures of raw edge applique, recycled fabrics and of course I love embroidery and beads!

Shreds 1

The idea was born–draw a simple design on fabric and embroider the shreds down to fill in the drawing. Then probably add beads.

Shreds 3

The background is a piece of silk, shiny and soft. I back that with fusible interfacing and then I’m ready to start stitching. You can barely see the drawing, but I kept it very simple. I decided to use a hoop for sewing these leaves and it has been a good decision. Much easier to manipulate as I embroider.

Shreds 2

Color is actually that turquoise from the above picture! I’m progressing much more quickly than I thought, but that may be because I’m spending more time on the couch stitching than I like to admit.

Shreds 4

I’m liking this playtime with the shreds, but I’m also pretty sure this is not an efficient way to use up scraps! Don’t really care, I guess, as long as I’m enjoying my sewing time.

Pure relaxation and enjoyment!


6 thoughts on “Handwork project

    • This teeny, tiny scrap business is fun for ONE project, maybe two, but not for a regular thing! I will do at least one on the machine, but it’s incredibly time-consuming by hand for no appreciable dent in the pile of shreds!


    • I’m not securing them down except by the embroidery stitches as I go along. I just hold the little pieces and move them into position along the lines I’ve drawn. It means a lot of stab stitching, but I’d rather do that than baste, or glue baste or add pins. I’d get stabbed too much if I added pins and if it’s planned and basted in advance, I lose the spontaneity, which is the best part! Won’t be a constant method of work for me, but it’s fun for now.


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