Couldn’t stop sewing…

Yes, I started that little handwork project, taking shreds

Shreds 1

and sewing them into a leaf design.

Shreds 3

I could not stop! Perhaps because it was a ‘sitting on the couch’ handwork project or perhaps because I never knew what the next scrap would lead to!

It’s not finished yet, but the primary handwork is done. Shredded Leaves 1

Happy, happy leaves! I am going to outline quilt around the leaves and add some beads, then it will be mounted on a 16 x 20 canvas.

Look at this delicious leaf!

Shredded Leaves 2

The only drawback to this project is that the basket of shreds is just as full as when I started. Doesn’t even look like I touched it! So this is NOT recommended for efficient use of scraps, but I’m pretty sure there will be at least one more project before these pieces go away!


8 thoughts on “Couldn’t stop sewing…

    • It’s a really creative process, trying to make all the leaves different. But you actually use so little of the scraps that I could take the rest of my life just using the scraps in that one basket! I think I’ll save it for whenever I need a handwork project!


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