Little steps and decisions

Over the weekend, I worked on two things. Saturday was a sewing day with some of my friends from my Creative Seasons art group. Our challenge was to make something using only solids. I have a large tub of silk in solid colors along with a collection of solid cottons from a month-by-month club, so this was a perfect opportunity to use them.

I started with two pieces of the silk that spoke to me and started cutting and piecing. Then I added a couple of colors of the cotton and continued cutting and piecing…this is where I ended.

CS sewing day solids 1

It needs quilting and embellishment, of course…I can see big globs of beads on the royal blue bits. However, before I start that, I need to decide which direction I want it to go, vertical or horizontal.

CS sewing day solids 2

And Sunday I finished the quilting on this piece and now just want to add some beads and get it mounted.

Shredded leaves unbeaded

I’m not happy with my facing with the fusible interfacing, either for the backing of the silk or the backing of the whole piece. I think this silk needs something a bit lighter than what I have. Or maybe something a bit heavier for the batting, to get the effect I want. Next time…


8 thoughts on “Little steps and decisions

  1. I think that either way will work because you have a good balance of horizontal and vertical line. I like the colors that you chose to use also. I always have trouble with facings. They look really good when you know what you are doing, but I just don’t seem to have the knack.


    • Horizontal—vertical—I agree with you. I don’t think it will really matter. I just need to make a decision and finish it! And the facing problem with the other one is completely due to using the fusible interfacing instead of a real finish with fabric. Lesson learned is that the fusible method only works well on small pieces!


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