Keepin’ on…

Very little time for sewing this week, but I grab a few minutes here and there. That’s how I’ve always worked on my projects and eventually they get done.

Adding beads to the leaf piece…no more words needed…just pictures!

Shred leaf bead 1 Shred leaf bead 2 Shred leaf bead 3 Shred leaf bead 4 Shred leaf bead 5 Shred leaf bead 6


6 thoughts on “Keepin’ on…

  1. I rarely comment on blogs but these are wonderful. I am all about using what is at hand in my own art and what you are creating is a brilliant use of what normally goes in the trash. Brava!


    • Thank you so much! I think there will be more of this type of work in my future, but probably more machine work first. I can’t imagine doing this without the embroidery and beads, so there will still be plenty of handwork, too!


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