KEQ–making beads

Our meetings are not nearly long enough to make tons of beads! We needed more time! It’s lucky for us that the clay making didn’t happen, because lack of time would have been utterly frustrating!

Apologies to Denise in advance…my pic of her beads did not come out right.

We made small beads, wrapped around toothpicks and slightly larger ones, wrapped around straws.

KEQ May 7

Carol was experimenting with glued and wrapped threads.

KEQ May 9

I was looking to make larger beads and wrapped some around dowels, but Sharon made a large one AND got it all decorated and fancy. Beautiful!

KEQ May 8

We tried making beads that started with cotton balls or balls of polyfil. I got that orange and blue one done that was in the first picture. Kathy ended up making hers flat, more like a hexie.

KEQ May 4

Trish made some very delicate beads. She referred to the white one as a wedding bead!

KEQ May 10

She also brought some show and tell. We have a challenge going to use a scarf, trim and beads that Kathy brought us from India. Mine is still planned out in my head, but Trish and Kathy both have theirs done!

KEQ May 1


KEQ May 3 KEQ May 2

And Kathy’s…

KEQ May 5KEQ May 6

I definitely need to make more beads…because even with all the ones I’ve purchased, the ones I make myself will be special. And maybe even fabric coordinated with the pieces I’ll create!

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    • I seem to be hanging out only with art quilters recently. There are a few of us dinosaurs around here, and I’m trying real hard to keep doing things with them!


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