Things are getting done…

…but they aren’t sewing things! I have a bum shoulder right now and lots of outdoor work to do, so it’s been slow going.  I had some rocks and dirt to move, and I was lucky enough to get a neighbor boy to come do manual labor for me. Should be done with rocks, dirt AND mulch tomorrow. Then I can sit down and watch the grass grow and throw a few stitches into fabric!

I did get the Shreds piece finished.

Shred final unmounted

This is upside down from my original intention, but I like it better with things growing up rather than hanging down. I ended up with these two as my favorite leaves.

Shred final favorite 1

Shred final favorite 2

And I was totally entranced by the iris blooming in the garden.

Yellow iris 1

They went from buds to blossoms overnight. Now, all my iris are gifts from other people’s gardens and I’m never organized enough to mark the colors and separate by color when I move them. However, this entire bunch is my favorite yellow so I must have been organized at least on one planting day!

Yellow iris 3

So beautiful!

Yellow iris 2

Yes, indeed–today’s inspiration!


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