Changing direction

This summer I will be teaching at Blue Lake again. Middle school children, fiber arts. I love doing this and I have my major project for them all figured out. It’s time to make a sample, because if I expect the kids to do it, I’d better be able to do it, too!

My material choices were made for me, because I decided to use the items we received from Kathy from India. KSmith challenge

There are no process photos, because I just started making it, without thoughts of a camera. Basic process is to string a frame for weaving and create a background upon which to showcase the beads and trim…

Strung the frame with recycled silk yarn…two errors here. The yarn is kind of thin and not very showy and it’s also not very strong. I ended up being concerned the whole time that it would break. Second error in the plan is that the loose weaving of the yarn that I had decided upon simply isn’t enough! It looks haphazard and wimpy rather than the strong statement that I wanted it to make.

Woven sample 4

Here’s what I have so far. There will be bling added with the trim and beads and fabric beads that I have yet to make, but in coordinating colors from silk fragments that I have.

Woven sample 1

Possible solution? I will scrunch the scarf part down a bit and add more—lots more!–to the weaving. What have I got to lose? I may even weave in some ribbon and some other strips of silk.

More to follow on this one…


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