Weaving on!

Started playing with the weaving project, hoping to make it better! I moved the horizontal weaving strands closer together and scrunched the scarf parts a bit closer together. I still plan on fanning out the ends of the scarf to show the embroidery.

Woven sample 3

And I want the shiny rhinestone and pearl trim on the other side, but the beads may or may not end up there. I won’t know that until I make the fabric beads and start adding them.

Woven sample 2

When I went looking for my silk scraps to add to this, I found a whole skein of recycled sari yarn, plus a bunch of it that I had pressed flat to use in another project.

Woven sample 5

This is what I should have started with! But I’m not starting over now…no, no, no. I will use some of it to weave variety into the background.

Woven sample 6

I also moved the previous woven strands even closer together. Oh, man–I have a LOT of weaving yet to do before this puppy is done!

However, I certainly will not run out of silk bits from which to make those fabric beads!!!

Woven sample 7

I think I’ll go with more conventional materials for a practical sample for the kids. Pretty projects will still be very possible with sturdier materials and a smaller frame! They only have an hour a day for 10 days and have several other projects for other teachers, too.  Yep–simple and pretty will be the way to go, but I WILL  finish this one for ME!