Right turn again!

My poor sewing machines have been sitting unused for entirely too long. They were screaming at me to come do some sewing…so I did!

My niece is having a baby this fall so I thought I’d make her a quilt today. I gathered up all my bright “baby quilt” fabric scraps.

Leah's baby quilt 1

Turns out I have a ton of them. Didn’t know what I was going to do but I thought strips would make it easy. I spent much longer than I thought I would have to on that task.

Leah's baby quilt 2

Also turns out that a ton of scraps makes a ton of strips! I probably have enough for a full size quilt, AFTER making the baby quilt. Sigh…there will never be an end to scraps, will there?

Sewed the various widths into strips with blue spacers and sashing and threw it up on the design wall to see if I liked it!

Leah's baby quilt 3

Yep! This will work just fine. Spent a surprisingly short time sewing it up–and the machine was humming, so it was happy, too.

Hooray! Baby quilt top done!

Leah's baby quilt 4

I see some things in the picture that I could have done better, but once that baby is cuddled up in it, design doesn’t matter!

I’m going to plan on getting it quilted right away, rather than procrastinate. That will also make my machine happy and I’ll be humming along, too!


6 thoughts on “Right turn again!

    • And I have enough strips left to make several more baby quilts! Just need to have more relatives having babies. Or perhaps I should make a couch throw and finally use up *all* those scraps!!


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