Have you ever…?

Have you ever made a piece of fabric that you think is pretty darn good all on it’s own? That doesn’t seem to want to be cut up and used as part of something else? I have two pieces like that.

This first one is dyed, soy waxed and dyed again.

Dyed circles single 1

I’ve had it up on the design wall many times, auditioning other fabrics, trying to decide what to do with it. I like it just as it is. It’s too small, at fat quarter size, to be effective if it’s cut into smaller pieces…in my opinion!

The second piece is also only a fat quarter, also auditioned with other fabrics and also reluctant to tell me what it wants to be!

Surface design single 1

I’m not sure I even want to stitch into this one, and that’s heresy to my usual way of working!

What have you done with fabric you’ve made, or purchased, that you only want to look at? That you really don’t want to cut into?


23 thoughts on “Have you ever…?

  1. I have a couple of pieces of fabric, also soy-batiked, made by a dear friend who passed away a few years ago. For that reason I don’t want to overdue or change the fabric in any way, though I would probably mess with it some more if I had made it. It wants to be an art quilt, but I am having a hard time finding fabrics that work with it.


  2. They are really beautiful, cutting is not an option)). Personally, I would use them as center panels and add some kind of pieced/printed borders that would support the fabric design.
    I was once experimenting with tie-dye and made several really small pieces of fun dyed fabric I didn’t know what to do with. I then used some of them for FMQ practice and made them into mini quilts i don’t know what to do with))


  3. I usually just pull mine out now and then and pet them. It’s enough for now. But your idea of using them for something useful is a good one. That way you could always see it when you want.


  4. omg yes. These are both works of art, altered fabric, very painterly. What about only adding stitches and beads? They’d finish at fat quarter size.
    When I have something akin to this, I keep it as intact as possible. Maybe making a large portfolio out of it. LeeAnna


  5. The second one is a great composition as is. Maybe just some simple hand stitching that goes along with the markings. I like the open white space around the edges. The first one is also wonderful as is. Maybe used as a journal cover or iPad cover or something like that.


  6. I’m thinking you don’t want to cut them up because they are PAINTINGS, same as painters make on fabric (canvas)! Frame them and hang them, I say! Beautiful!


    • That’s kinda the way I feel about them. But I really want some stitching and maybe–probably–beads on them. I just do not want to cut them up.


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