Gotta make some beads!

Once again, I’m trying to stay one step ahead of what I’m teaching! I need to make some fabric beads for examples. These need to show each step in the process. I think rather than a different bead, shown at each step, I’ll make a few identical beads and show how to do each step and then how they look with different types of embellishment. That type of organization is for another day.

Today I grabbed up a bunch of fabric scraps and started rolling up beads. It really doesn’t take very long to make a lot of beads, when you are in production mode and doing only one step of the process.

Beads embellish 5

The fun part comes with the embellishment.

This one shows glass beads added to a fabric bead, glued on.

Beads embellish 2

I rarely do that and never recommend it, but I made one to show. I think I will also show how easy it is for the beads to fall off. That should be a good example of why we sew the glass beads on!

Which these are…

Beads embellish 4

I can safely throw this bead around and not worry about anything falling off.

Then there are all the foo foo yarns and threads and cords and wires!

Beads embellish 1

Doesn’t take much to doll up a little bead with these things!

Beads embellish 3

Kinda looks like a hairy pink spider, doesn’t it?

Beads…I need to concentrate for a few days on getting a bunch of these done, both for my weaving project, the smaller sample I will do for the class, and simply because I love them and they are cool. Need to make some stuffed round ones, too and some BIIIIIIGGGGGGG ones.

This is going to be fun!



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