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Warning:  This is totally unrelated to anything fiber, so you might want to quit reading right now!

Over the last couple of years, my hubby and I have started trying to get a bit healthier. One of the reasons we moved into town was sidewalks and we start doing a lot of walking. It felt really good. My fiber life is totally sedentary, I’ve never been big on exercise, and I’ve been overweight for about a century. This was so very necessary.

However, we live in Michigan. The winters are snowy, blowy and very cold.


This winter we joined a gym so there would be no excuses. Now, I’m a gal who never touched a piece of gym equipment in my life so weight machines and even treadmills were foreign to me. Turns out I really like this gym workout business! What a surprise! Of course, if the hubby and I weren’t doing it together, I’d probably never have a continuing incentive. It helps that we are accountable to each other.

And then old age hit!!! The arm workout machines seem to have given me bicep tendonitis, which apparently is quite common in “older” people. OMG! It took me a minute to realize that the doctor was referring to ME! Just when I was starting to see a muscle, I was told absolutely no heavy work or lifting. I even had to hire help with my garden…no shoveling allowed. Well, you know, sit-ups are still done the old-fashioned way, with no machines!

feet on treadmill

Spending more time on the treadmill isn’t bad, either. They have TV’s on those machines. Wow! Who knew? And then old age hit again! There appears to be a problem with a bone in my foot. More restrictions! But this is where being part of the gym is good. The standing bikes are wonderful for keeping pressure off the foot and ten miles on that is easily as good as three miles walking. And guess what…they have TV’s on those machines, too!!!


So, Kathy, what’s your point? Without hubby, I’d never have started exercising. Once started, I don’t want to quit. Old age won’t stop me. Joining a gym works for me because there is always an alternate way to keep moving. And while I’m not a huge TV fan, watching while biking is much better for me than sitting on the couch doing the same thing. And they have heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer in a gym. Win-win!

I’m determined to make my old age better, fitter, stronger and longer. Why? I have more fabric stuff than I can ever use, so I need to be here for many more years. I kind of promised my daughter I’d get it down to a reasonable level before I’m gone. Probably not gonna happen, but I’ll give it my best shot!

Exercise time is over for today, soooooooo….it’s on to sewing time. Hooray!


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  1. Loved your post, Kathy. I can relate, especially to your comment about trying to figure out who this “older” person is that my physician, physiotherapist, or dentist talks of when I’m in their office. In Manitoba, once you hit 50, our health system starts sending letters to encourage you to start getting cancer checks. They aren’t the nicest birthday cards!

    However, last weekend, I participated in a 65 km (40 mile) charity cycle. I was WORRIED that I wouldn’t make it and might embarrass myself with the other women on my team (who are all young enough to be my children). I don’t cycle a lot; I’m a bit of a commuter cycler… I’ll cycle to the market to pick up milk, cream, or veggies. Sometimes, I’ll cycle to a destination that is maybe 10 miles away, then cycle back. But I’ve never pushed myself to cycle for a particular distance.

    Well. I made it! AND, I made it when one on my team called it quits at about one-quarter of the way. AND, after the race, more than one of the other women were complaining about how poorly they felt and how much their knees ached. To my great surprise, I had no aches or pains, and no stiffness. After hearing for several months about how I needed to live differently, now that I had crossed over the threshold into the “older” segment of society, it sure was nice to do better than a couple of those much younger than me.

    I hope you keep up with your exercise, in what ever form it takes. Best wishes!


    • Now you have inspired me! 65km….amazing! After a week with my mom, I am really ready to get back to exercising. I never thought I would miss it but I guess I have turned a corner into a new lifestyle. I hope so anyway!


  2. Keep it up! I’m an on again-off again exerciser. My motivation waxes and wanes. Injuries set me back all the time and I throw in the towel. I will get back to it….thanks for the post!


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