Setting up new projects, part 2

How to decide on a project design when faced with a blank piece of fabric? In this case, I knew it would not involve piecing. I had my colors and fabric and thread. I looked around my messy and crowded studio and had a brainstorm.

These stencils have not been used since I did hand quilting…and that’s been several years ago.

Handwork and stencils 1

This is the perfect place to use them! I shuffled through them and found my favorites and spent quite a bit of time laying them in different spots.

Handwork and stencils 2 Handwork and stencils 3

I have a good time using parts of a stencil here and other parts there and creating a unique combination. But for this project, I ended up using a single stencil that has always been one of my favorites.

Handwork and stencils 4

And I decided on the blue napkin. Now, what’s the best way to get the design onto the fabric? I don’t like marking if it can be avoided and I have used a tissue paper technique before, so I thought I’d try it again.

Do you remember this?

Handwork and stencils 5

Chalk pouncers for stencil marking! Also from years ago…and they get a design on a quilt–or paper, in this case–in a matter of seconds.

Handwork and stencils 6

Only problem is that the chalk comes off in a matter of seconds, too, if you are handling your piece while you work. It’s great if your quilt is on a frame, but not so much for what I’m doing here. Anyway–traced onto the paper, paper pinned to fabric and batting and then stitched.

Handwork and stencils 7

Sometimes I do this for actual quilting, carefully and nicely. You might notice that I don’t slavishly follow every line! For this project, I only wanted the design basted in. Big stitches are fine. The plus on this technique is that you can get a very complicated design on your fabric quickly, without worrying about removing any marks at the end. The negative is that you have to remove the paper!

Handwork and stencils 8 Handwork and stencils 9

Sometimes it’s a pain to get the tiny pieces from tight stitch areas, but overall it’s worth it!

That’s it! This project is ready to stitch!

Handwork and stencils 10

Won’t this look lovely against that plaid fabric?

Handwork and stencils 11

This will be a wonderful take-along project. I need to grab a bag, throw in the thread, some needles and scissors and this. Ready to go!

However, this is not the end of this line of work. More to come next time!


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