Setting up new projects, part 3

Ooooh, that damask…so alluring…I needed to have more than one project using it. Here’s the plan…almost identical to the one in the last post!

Handwork and stencils 15

I stayed with my old quilting stencils, but this time I traced it right on the fabric. I used a dark green pencil because I plan on using embroidery with heavy thread right on the lines and they shouldn’t show! That’s the plan, anyway.

Handwork and stencils 16

I also decided to try fusing the fabric to the batting. I’ll let you know how that works out!

But here’s the exciting part—I’m getting very excited about working with vintage fabric. It won’t be forever, but I have these marvelous pieces of fabric and I want to use them! As I was looking through the fabrics, I found some beautiful Irish linen.

Handwork and stencils 12

I dyed the orange piece at some point, but the white piece has a wonderful design worked in and I might want to use it for trapunto…or something!

This piece of embroidery needs to be sent out into the world, not get all musty in a box in the basement!

Handwork and stencils 13

And there was handmade lace…and pretty handkerchiefs…and I think I refuse to be drawn in by the doilies!!!

All of these items are going to make for some lovely take-along projects. There will never be a rush to complete them. They will be hand stitched slowly. After all, most of this fabric was sitting around doing nothing for the past 50 years or so and now it’s going to have new life. Isn’t this fun?

And I have some progress to show you next time. I’ll answer my own question–yes, this is fun!


4 thoughts on “Setting up new projects, part 3

  1. I’ve been experimenting with fusing my work to batting, too, in order to provide more stability (less shrinkage and plow marks from intense quilting). Also no pins to remove. The jury is out. I’m curious to hear why you opted to fuse and what you think of the results. BTW, I started with a MistyFuse experiment, but this time I am using Heat n Bond lite.


    • I also started with Misty Fuse because I’ve used Wonder Under and Steam a Seam on other projects and knew that they could sometimes be hard to sew through. Those projects had paint on them, though, so that makes it harder, too. We’ll see…


  2. I love the idea of overdyeing some of the whitework. I have several vintage pieces similar to some of these, and while some of them are in good shape (waiting to go into a project white) others have stains or discolored areas and overdyeing seems like a great idea! thanks for sharing!


    • Some of my white ones are stained and some are not. I’m torn about overdyeing the stained ones, since the stains give a lot of character. It will probably depend on the project…


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