Setting up new projects, part 4

Continuing the new, hand-sewing project saga…this is so much fun. Very simple outline stitch of the main design and then filling in the background with running stitch. Hypnotic and I don’t want to set it down! The first piece is finished and I love the texture.

Handwork and stencils 18

I should say that the first level of stitching is finished. I know that I want to add more to it with beads and perhaps more embroidery inside of the feathers. The colors I’m using give a pretty cool result, too. These next pictures are true to color, but on different parts of the piece. Lots of variation.

Handwork and stencils 19 Handwork and stencils 20

But there are some negative aspects to some of my planning, and I always try to make all the mistakes so that you don’t have to!

On the first piece, I used the tissue paper/stitching method of getting the design on the fabric.

Handwork and stencils 7

In theory, this should work just fine. In real life actuality—don’t do it!!!! The only way this works is if your thread basting gives you the exact design that you want–don’t wander away–AND if you then embroider exactly on top of those stitched basting lines. In this case, I did not follow the drawn lines when I did the initial stitching and so did not have a perfect line to follow. I also used navy thread and ended up using a chartreuse embroidery floss, which was a bad combination! I had to spend a lot of time picking out the navy thread after I did the embroidery.

I set up my second piece differently so that I could compare the two. I do not like marking on my fabrics and I’m not crazy about embroidering through fusible, but I used both. Turns out that this is the way to go on these projects.

Clear design, easy to stitch following the line and no basting thread or paper to remove. And sewing through the fusible is not a problem, either.

Handwork and stencils 21

I use a hoop when doing the embroidery with the thicker thread, but it’s not needed when doing the running stitch on the rest of the piece.

I love seeing the play of light on the texture that is created this way.

Handwork and stencils 22

And you can easily create a design within a design.

Handwork and stencils 23

There are two or three more of these damask napkins in my stash, plus some regular cotton fabric dyed with these same colors. I think I must have dyed all of these AND tons of floss at the same time, because I haven’t even made a dent in the pile of compatible thread that I have!

Handwork and stencils 24

This should keep me going for quite a while. When I have some totally finished, I’ll bring them back to show you. For the time being, I’m going to have them available for take-along, hand stitching projects. Love this project!




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