Considering colors

My garage is large, I have water and dye and this week I’m hosting dye day! I look forward to this every year, when I invite anyone who wants to join me for dyeing.

However, that does mean that I have to get that garage cleaned out tomorrow and organize my dyeing supplies.

I always have lots of fabric to dye or overdye and unless I have a special project going, I don’t do much pre-planning. I throw fabrics in the pots and take what I get. I like to end the day with a variety of colors.

This week I have a bunch of white perle cotton and white embroidery floss that I want to dye.

Ready to dye thread

My last experiment with this resulted in ALL my thread ending up in the same colorway, which you saw in my last few posts! Rookie mistake, I think. I need to do each skein, or maybe two at a time, separately, with a minimum amount of dye for best results. At least that’s what I believe I will need to do. I’ll show you when it’s all done.

My pile of almost finished pieces is getting out of control. I finally took a little bit of time to make some binding and finish these two pieces.

CS sew day 1 finished

They look good together but each is strong enough to stand on it’s own. I have decided against adding any beads to them–I know, I know–that shocks you! Just not needed.

Cleaning and dyeing this week, along with having our grandson two days a week in the summer. Life is busy, but never boring. I love it!



4 thoughts on “Considering colors

  1. Dyeing floss is fun. I take the paper off, leave the skein tied but untwisted (one big loop) and lay it in the bottom of the strainer, add the fabric, ice and dye powder for the most beautiful variegated colors. I usually use 2-4 colors when I ice dye. I have over-dyed many light colors of floss with great success. Try it – you’ll like it. I carefully rinse it out and swish it around (keeping the loop untangled)in soapy water.


    • I’m not ice dyeing this time, just regular dyeing. Last time all my floss was on the same tray. This time I’m going to separate them for more variety. I’ll wait ’till I have snow outside the door before I try the snow dyes!


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