Bucket list!

Only 30 miles away from is one of the world’s largest glass collections along with an entire glassblowing studio and education facility, the Toledo Museum of Art. I have never utilized this great facility as much as I could have, with a little effort, but I absolutely love it whenever we visit. We spent Friday there with our grandson and he had a great time, too. They make a great effort to have events, both indoors and outdoors, that engage children and Mr. AJ was quite entertained.

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We didn’t see too many paintings and the only mummy on display was that of a cat! That was a little disappointment to AJ! However, because it is the museum of the Glass City, we had a wonderful treat…a glassblowing demonstration in the glass studio! I’ve wanted to be there for a demo just about forever and finally had the opportunity!

I only took a few pictures to illustrate the process from taking a small glob of molten glass from the oven, through blowing and shaping the glass, to the final product.

Glassblowing 1 Glassblowing 2 Glassblowing 3 Glassblowing 4 Glassblowing 5 Glassblowing 6 Glassblowing 7 Glassblowing 8

It’s so fascinating to watch. I’ve always loved glass and I have even more of an appreciation of all the work that goes into it. Have I ever wanted to learn how to make it myself? No way! It takes an incredible amount of precision and perfect timing and skill to create these pieces. I’m very happy to watch from afar and cheer the artists when they are finished!




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  1. The kids gave Mark glass blowing lessons for a retirement gift. He was very good at. No matter hkw much talking I did and how much persuading I tried to do I coukd not talk him into continuing beyond those five lessons. It would have made a wonderful hobby for him. I could never do it either. Not patient enoigh for sure!


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