I love to dye!

Held dye day here at my house again this week. I actually prepped a few items in advance. Quite a departure for me, since I usually just wing it.

Perle cotton and embroidery floss, ready to become variegated skeins…

Ready for dyeing 2

Often dyers will throw thread in with a specific fabric they are dyeing so that it matches. I wanted all variegated, which is a different process. Here’s what I ended up with:

Dyed results thread 1

A rainbow of threads! I never worry about what I’ll use it for…there will be a need for it somewhere in the future and I will have it ready. My luck usually runs, though, that I’ll have enough for 3/4 of the design…sigh! But that’s where creativity will be invited to step up!

I tried to make sure that all of the thread got mushed into the dye, but there were still a few light spots.

Dyed results thread 2

I’m not obsessive about it. I’ll just try harder next time!

This last damask napkin was a bit too bright yellow-green for me.

Ready for dyeing 1

It needs a little swish in the blue or turquoise to fit in better with the rest of the series. Here’s how it turned out.

Last napkin

Just enough blue to take the bright edge off.

I did several pieces of folded fabric this time.

Ready for dyeing 3

It’s in the washer now so I’ll show you that next time.

I really love dyeing, but the waiting and wash out take forever! And, yes, the results are very much worth it!



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  1. love looking at your pics! Next year, all will be well, I’m coming, where is Tecumseh anyway!!!!!! ha ha


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