Results, good and bad

The scarves I dyed were what I was most interested in checking out next. There were two large ones and several woven ones. The large, square ones were quite disappointing. I dyed them with color variations but they blended together too much during the batching.

Dyed scarves large

I will have to do some overdyeing on them to make them attractive again.

The other scarves had varying degrees of loveliness and I think only one will need some more dyeing, since it ended up too plain.

Dyed scarves small

I’m quite pleased with my rainbow of threads and rainbow of scarves. Now to finish the washing out of the folded up pieces and the bits and bobs of the rest of the fabrics!



4 thoughts on “Results, good and bad

    • I had some very good results this time and had my fashion conscious DIL give me her opinion on the scarves. She approved! I may still add beads to one or two. I only know that every dye day is a good day!


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