Mixed dye results

My fabric folding for dyeing is in the beginning stages of experimenting. I’ve mostly done some loose pleating and some accordion folds for tray dyeing. This time I tried some pressed and folded hunks of fabric with mixed results.

Ready for dyeing 3

The loosely tied fabric on the top gave me predictable results, with soft blending of the colors.

Dye day folds 4

Accordion folds were also kind of predictable, but I like this result with these colors.

Dye day folds 5

I simply rolled up a 1/2 yard piece to see if it would give me a gradation. Well, it did, but too pale to be useful to me by the innermost part of the roll. If I had used a fat quarter, it would have been fine.

Dye day folds 7

Triangles gave mixed results. I like the design of this piece but I absolutely detest the color!

Dye day folds 2

This little piece says ‘daisy’ or ‘sunshine’ to me!

Dye day folds 1

And this one I’m not too sure if I like or not!

Dye day folds 6

Crumpled up and crunched tightly together worked to give me some fun fireworks or flower shapes and I really like the way the colors blended.

Dye day folds 3

I used mostly the same colors on this next one, plus blue, but it was a large piece of fabric and very tightly packed.

Dye day folds 8

Many dyers would call this a failure because of all the white space, but I like it this way! Perhaps it will get another fold up and dip, simply to add more lines of color to the design. That could be lots of fun, but I don’t dye that often so it will wait for another time.

(Okay, I couldn’t wait! The detested green piece and this piece are folded differently and are soaking in darker blue dyes right now. I absolutely could not make the green piece worse, but I may be sorry on the other one!)

Mostly now I need to use up a bunch of fabric, both hand-dyed and commercial. I usually resist piecing the backs of bed quilts, but in order to use up what I have, that is exactly what I will have to do. I’m trying very hard to start using only the fabrics I’ve created in my art pieces. That is so, so hard, because I love so many commercial fabrics–and they keep on making more every day! Obviously I need to spend more time at the sewing machine and less time on the computer, so I am on my way down to the studio. There is work to be done!



4 thoughts on “Mixed dye results

    • I loved that first one before the re-dye and I love it even more now! The green in that second one is simply not pleasing to me at all. If you don’t like a color, you just won’t use it!


  1. I find that many of my failures turn into treasures when doing landscape art quilts. In fact, I now purposely create failures for that reason. (If that made any sense to you)


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