Dye day re-dye

Last post about dye day! There were two pieces that I knew I wanted to add some dyeing to…

Dye day folds 8

I folded it into small squares, with the idea of adding a dark grid over what I had. I love what I got and want to use it as a whole cloth piece, raw edge appliqued to a backing, so that I don’t lose those dark edges.

Dye day re-dye 1

This piece was my least liked piece and the second dye did not make me like it any better.

Dye day folds 2

Second dye

Dye day re-dye 2

So I took it the dye bath a third time

Dye day re-dye 3

And I still do not much like it! I am totally done with it for now. There will be more dyeing in it’s future, because I need to kill that green! It’s a shade that hurts my eyes so it needs to go into hiding until I decide what it needs.

Now it’s back to some sewing and beading and being summertime lazy.


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