Summertime is strange as far as my work in the studio goes. There are days when I work like a demon and get tons of stuff done and then there are days on end when I don’t get a chance to even look at a needle! That makes for very inconsistent blog posts, but I guess that’s real life!

I’m pushing to get the more ‘normal’ sample of the bead and weaving projects for Blue Lake done. I finished the weaving part.

BLake project 1

Now I’m on to making the beads. Variety is NOT what I want for this project, so I selected some compatible fabrics and this little bit of lace and beads that I found.

BLake project 2

I don’t think I’ve shown you how to make a lot of same/similar beads at once. Instead of using a small strip and making the beads individually, you use a larger piece of fabric and roll it along the entire length of the straw.

BLake project 3

When I make these, as well as my other beads, I take the straw out before the glue dries. They will retain their center hole and their shape just fine.

For the lace, I lined it up with the edge of the fabric and rolled it until it was almost at the edge of the lace. I had to trim a bit of the other fabric, but it made a wonderful bead.

BLake project 4

BLake project 5

I think these long pieces will make enough beads for this little sample.

BLake project 6

As soon as the glue is dry, I can simply cross cut these all to the same size or various sizes. If you don’t use a ton of glue, they cut very easily with your scissors or rotary cutter. I promise that I’ll show you the finished project…maybe I’ll get it done tomorrow!

On another subject, I recently made a trip to IKEA, which is about an hour away from my house. There is always something that I must have, and this trip was no exception. I found two little metal frames with a lacy design.

IKEA frame 2 IKEA frame 1

Now, I have no intention of using them for frames. Oh, no, these are stencil/stamp pieces, with an empty center all set for some special needlework or beading. Since I’m loving vintage linens right now, there might be something along those lines…can’t wait to have some time for playing with stencils, stamps, paints and thickened dyes. But, again, it’s summertime and sometimes the old swimmin’ hole calls my name, especially on those days when the grandson is here!



6 thoughts on “Busy-ness

  1. As a newbie to beads and their creation, thank you for sharing your process. I appreciate picking up bits here and there to add to my knowledge base as well as seeing your lovely creations. The fishing touches you add are definitely icing on the cake!



    • Making fabric beads is fun, and there might be times when I really want them for a project, but I will always be in love with the glitter of the glass beads!


  2. I would never have tumbled to use the metal frames for stencils. Great idea, and thanks for the thought. They should be lots of fun!


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