Done and eaten!

The ‘done’ part is the sample for Blue Lake.

BL project done

I could have added a lot more ‘stuff’ to it, but I really wanted to hit a level that I think all the kids can easily attain. I’ll leave the ‘over the top’ ideas for them to discover on their own. Done!

Eaten! We do have a lot of deer around our neighborhood all the time. We are on a path, probably ancient, between two good watering holes for them and there is enough habitat that they have never needed to really leave the city. Consequently, we are also on their munching route.

My hostas this week went from this…

Full hosta

overnight, to this…

Hosta eaten

And it’s not just the giant hostas they like. They are happy with the small plants for appetizers.

Small hosta eaten

I always joke with people that they come up and ring my doorbell when the plants aren’t watered and juicy for them! Seriously, these plants are steps outside my door! I really don’t mind sharing my plants with the deer, though. There are a lot of plants that they don’t seem to care for, like peonies and iris and the decorative grasses. They don’t bother my daylillies, roses (Ouch–thorns in the mouth!), hibiscus, lavendar, coreopsis…there is a reason I try to only plant perennials. Even if they munch the plants waaaaay down, they are not killing them, so no permanent damage.

But that giant hosta was sooooo pretty!


4 thoughts on “Done and eaten!

  1. Your post reminded me of when we bought a weekend place in Sonoma. I couldn’t wait to grow tulips. I planted 300 giant Dutch bulbs and babied them every weekend. On the blooming weekend, the deer had nipped EACH one in half. Dead blooms littered my garden. I thought about buying a rifle.
    Instead, we put in a vineyard and fenced the property. Rifle would have been cheaper. 😦


  2. Your project really turned out nice. I am sure the kids will love this. Good luck with the deer. I have been on that munching route when we lived in Minneapolis. The deer were relentless.


    • All I want is for the kids to create something they like, so they will have a positive outlook on fibers! And the deer…nothing to be done, but I won’t feed them a bunch of expensive annuals and then lament the fact that they eat the plants on their route! Perennials will do just fine!


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