Usually I try to post every 2-3 days and that’s not a problem because I am always working on something. Well, right now I am not actively working on anything! Here is a stack of things that are in progress, so it’s not like I don’t have projects that are moving in the finishing direction.

UFO pile

My problem is that I work so extemporaneously that I can’t simply pack up a project and take it with me…at least not when I’m going to be away from my supplies for two weeks. I never know which thread or bead or piece of fabric or yarn I will need next. I simply cannot pack up my whole studio and take it with me. That would be a bigger suitcase than the one I need for my clothing!

Handwork and stencils 18

This one could be a prospect for finishing…one pile of beads could do it!

Perhaps I’ll be able to narrow it down to one manageable, planned pile of things to do. Perhaps not.

This is where my mind is at in July!

This is where my mind is at in July!

In any event, I believe my internet access will be limited, my work progress will be limited and my postings will be limited. Hang in there with me, though and I’ll be back to normal within a couple of weeks!


4 thoughts on “Sojourn

    • I have selected a bit of several things to play with, but I’m counting on the kids to keep me busy! You must be totally frustrated with your eye issues…we can have a lot of empathy for each other. I hope your sewing ability improves soon!


  1. My problem is that I finished a lot of painting projects and now I am faced with framing them all for exhibits. Framing artwork is a big deal and expensive. But not working is not an option. I would get depressed. So, just take your time. You’ll get to the end soon enough.


    • It’s so hard for me to sit idle. No time to get anything accomplished before I leave and too much ‘stuff’ to take with me to successfully work on anything. I believe I may turn to knitting again…I have lots of yarn sitting idle, too!


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