Blue Lake reports 1

There may only be one report, but I’ll probably manage to get a few in here and there. I love to show what the kids do. Creativity bubbles right out of them!

First things first…I dropped some stuff off at the classroom and judged that it will undoubtedly be very hot working there until this heat wave leaves us! Maybe only 1 more day of it…I hope!

Then I got checked in at the hotel. Yes, I’m staying in the hotel, and not in a cabin. I feel so lucky! What I can’t remember, though, is if this is different carpet or the same. In any event, with my usual fondness for unusual carpet design, I had to take these pics before I even brought my suitcase to the room!

Hotel carpet Whitehall Hotel Carpet Whitehall 3 Hotel Carpet Whitehall 2

The first picture is the truest color, taken by a window. I could not get the others adjusted correctly, but they were inside the corridor, in less than bright light. I really love this design set.

Next in importance was getting something to eat, ’cause I was starving. And they have a Dog ‘n Suds just down the road….a REAL Dog ‘n Suds, with car hops and everything! It was perfect…except that I dripped coney sauce on both my shirt and pants. What a slob but it was just soooooo good!

My last stop (before my staff meeting–yes, I am here to work!) was to a quilt store. I did not know until recently that there was a complete quilt store in the area. After all, this is only my third year here (and I am here to work!) and the store has been here 13 years…I asked! And since I need absolutely nothing, how could I resist this marvelous fabric?

Quilted Memories Montague

This affirms my decision not to explore natural dyeing. Why would I, when I can buy these beauties already made? And even though I love, love, love the natural dyeing results I’ve seen from my buddies, I simply cannot get into loving the doing of it. Not my thing!

Meeting tonight, meeting tomorrow, class and classroom prep, meet the kids, start teaching…the fun begins!


6 thoughts on “Blue Lake reports 1

    • I really love batiks and those who make them do such a beautiful job…much more than I could possibly hope to attain! I’m very happy to purchase rather than try to make them myself!


  1. Anxious to see the results from the kids. At 75, I still enjoy working with the kids when I can. Hand dyes are wonderful for creating landscapes. But I love the beautiful batiks and could never get such results.


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