Blue Lake reports 2

Halfway through this year’s Blue Lake experience and the students are making progress on their projects. On the first day there is an open house type period where students and parents can find their classes and meet their teachers. We were ready with samples and explanations.

BL16 1 BL16 2

And our classroom building still has the best view from the porch! Kids are always eager to work out there.

BL16 4 BL16 3

Here are a couple of the projects in process…the ones that were easiest for me to take a picture of!

BL16 5 BL16 6 BL16 7 BL16 12 BL16 11

And an example of how much students learn in just a few days…

BL16 9 BL16 10

He’s headed for an awesome finish!

BL16 8

This is such a “feel-good” experience for me. Sure, I’m sharing what I’ve learned in a lifetime of playing with fibers, but I am always awestruck by the creativity and imagination and design skills of these youngsters. I’ll show you some pics at the end when we hang their artwork in all media at their show.


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