Blue Lake recital

No, no, no—I did not have a recital. But one of the musical artists, Katie, did have a recital as part of the performance venue here at Blue Lake. She had the idea of asking art department faculty if they would like to have a cooperative art and music adventure. Kim, Stacey and I decided that working in our preferred medium, to live music would be loads of fun.

And it was!

Katie’s main piece of music was titled Red, Yellow, Blue and Green, so I immediately planned a fabric piece with those colors. Then I added ribbons and embroidery. Of course, I didn’t get it finished in the 50 minutes of her recital, but it will get done and will hang somewhere in camp.

Recital art 1

I’ve decided that I look like an ornery toad while working on this…but it is what it is!

These are the other two artists. Stacey is a wonderful ceramicist and her clay slab was painted and prepped for the kiln at the end of the concert.  Kim is an art teacher and she chose to do a large acrylic painting.

Recital art 2

The campers had a choice of coming to this recital or going to a choir concert outdoors in the bandshell. We aren’t sure if it was the thought of air conditioning, or seeing their art teachers, but there were a suprising number of our students in attendance. And they were so complimentary today when we saw them. It was really nice!

Recital art 3

We had such a good time! Katie loved having us as part of her recital and we loved working to her big trombone sound!


2 thoughts on “Blue Lake recital

  1. Wow, what a great event. Our art guild was invited to set up easels at a performance of our local symphony. The artists interpreted the scene while the musicians played. Some were realistic and some abstract. Then there was an exhibit called “Music to our eyes.” It was so interesting.


    • That sounds like a fantastic event to be part of. We all really loved our tiny bit of art/music crossover. Our art colony faculty is small and of course not all participated, but we hope that more will if the opportunity arises next year. It was great fun!


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